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What Is Fort Worth City Like?
How Was the Sister City Partnership Established?
Exchange Programs with Fort Worth City

What is Fort Worth like?
Strolling along Downtown Fort Worth, you will be greeted by "Howdy! (Hello)" from friendly locals in their cowboy hats and boots. You will feel as if you have time-slipped into the era of Western movies in a town where country music is played and mounted policemen patrol the streets.

Fort Worth Stockyard, that flourished as the world's largest livestock market during the period between the 19th century and the World War I, has been preserved intact. Rodeo shows are given at Fort Worth Stockyard over the weekends. The entire area is crowded, not only with many tourists, but also with a large number of locals.

Just 3 or 4 Kilometers away from Fort Worth Stockyard, is Downtown Fort Worth, where skyscrapers line up along with gorgeous theaters for performances of ballet and operas, world famous art museums, the science museum (the largest in the south western part of the states), and the zoo with over 850 species. Fort Worth with diverse facets is full of attractiveness for its visitors.
Facts about Fort Worth

› Population: Approximately 780,000
› Households: Approximately 170,000
› Average Temperature: 65.5 degrees Fahrenheit(18.5 degrees Celsius)
› Average Humidity: 67%
› Average Snowfall: 3 inches(7.5cm)
› Average Rainfall: 31.4 inches(79cm)
› City Tree: Cercis canadensis, Redbud

› State Flower: Bluebonnet(blooms on the hillsides and valley areas.)
› State Tree: Pecan
› State Gem: Topaz
› State Bird: Mockingbird
› State Capital: Austin
› Texas, the name of the state means gfriendhin the native American language.
› State Motto: Friendship
› Major Industry: Aircraft Industry, High Technology Industry, Oil Industry

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How Was the Friend City Partnership Established?
The Sister City Partnership was established on November 9, 1987.

The Procedure
In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the modern municipality of Nagaoka City, the establishment of a sister city partnership was proposed as one of its commemorative projects. The city selected several candidate cities and asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the League of Cities for International Goodwill, and the American Embassy to provide their assistance as coordinators.
We received an immediate reply from the City of Fort Worth that expressed their great interest in Nagaoka. The two cities signed the agreement on the establishment of the sister city partnership on November 9th ,1987. Since then various educational exchange programs have been extensively conduced for the youth in the fields of sports and culture.

The cities of Fort Worth and Nagaoka received the International Sister City Award twice for their contributions in furthering world peace and international understanding through their community affiliation.

Exchange Programs with Fort Worth City
Projects to Receive Delegations from Fort Worth
Programs for Delegations of Students and Educators
Junior and senior high school students from Fort Worth stay at homes of their counterparts in Nagaoka and visit the city's junior or senior high schools. They also enjoy hands-on Japanese culture sessions and sightseeing tours in the city.

Programs to Send Delegations to Fort Worth
Programs for Junior High School Students
Nagaoka's junior high school students stay in Fort Worth for 10 days.They experience school life by attending local junior high school and learn about American lifestyle and culture while staying with their host families.
International Leadership Academy (ILA)
Students from Fort Worth's eight sister cities located in Germany, Italy, Mexico, Nagaoka etc. assemble in Fort Worth and discuss a variety of global issues. This is a program to nurture promising young leaders who will play leading roles in the future international society. Besides attending classes, the participants enjoy home stay programs, sightseeing tours, etc.
Harashin Summer Scholarship
Students from Fort Worth and Nagaoka visit each otherfs cities while acting in pairs, deepening their friendship, broadening their views, and understanding cultural differences. This program has been conducted under the sponsorship exclusively provided by Harashin Company Ltd.
Cow Town Marathon
Nagaokafs runners joined the Cow Town Marathon held in Fort Worth in February.
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