What Is Bamberg City Like?
How Was the Friend City Partnership Established?
Exchange Programs with Bamberg City
What is Bamberg City like?
Bamberg is a castle town with a 1000-year long history. The City of Bamberg was established by Count Bamberg in the beginning of the 10th century and flourished as a castle town for over 1000 years. Since it has never suffered war damage, the entire town retains the atmosphere of the medieval era. The town itself is indeed a work of art, resembling a picture book with collections of various art and architectural styles. Through this picturesque town flow the Regnitz and the Main, creating a charming and comfortable atmosphere. Tourists can also enjoy strolling in the district known as "a little Venice" where old fishermen's houses line the streets.

Bamberg is also well known as the home of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. The people of Bamberg enjoy music, especially chamber music and church music. The Otto-Friedrich University offers a variety of courses in liberal arts. There are 10 beer breweries, producing 30 different types of local beer.
Facts about Bamberg

› Population: Approximately 70,000
› Location: In Province of Bayern
› Transportation: 2.5-hour train ride from Rhein Main Airport in Frankfurt
@@The distance in a straight line between Bamberg and the Czech is approximately 100 Km.
› Bamberg is registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City.

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How Was the Friend City Partnership Established?
The friend city partnership was established on October 10th, 1995.

The Procedure
The City of Nagaoka proposed to establish a partnership with the City of Bamberg, since interactions between our cities had already begun through mutual visits and exchange programs. Delegations of citizens, city officials, a church organist and the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra were some of the visitors to initiate the relationship.

The City of Bamberg expressed its willingness to deepen friendship ties with Nagaoka, although it was difficult for the city to establish the Sister City level partnership due to financial reasons. The agreement to promote friendship ties was finally made on October 10th, 1995. Since then our interactions have been developing mainly focusing on cultural exchange programs especially in the field of music.

Programs to Send Delegations to Bamberg City
Sending a scholarship student to the Otto-Friedrich University for the annual Summer International Seminar
The Otto-Friedrich University offers the Summer International Seminar in August every year.
The City of Bamberg provides students from its sister/friend cities with fees and expenses for their stay during the seminar.
Fort Worth (U.S.A)
Trier (Germany)