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What Is Trier City Like?
How Was the Friend City Partnership Established?
Exchange Programs with Trier City

What is Trier City like?
A medieval legend describes the origin of the city as: "Trier had already existed for 1300 years prior to Roman Times." Known as "the Second Rome", Trier developed into a great city in the 4th century. During the Greco Roman Period, there were no other German cities as prosperous as Trier where the Kaiser lived.

Trier is blessed with many historic monuments such as Porta Nigra (the Black Gate), Dom (the Cathedral), Liebfrauenkirche (the Saint Mary Church), etc. Strolling along the lively streets of Altstadt (the Old Town), visitors can enjoy a historical tour imagining the past embodied in the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque style architecture.

Trier is also known for being the largest wine producing area in Rheinland-Pfalz. Visitors can enjoy the mild and tasty Mosel white wine.
Map of Trier
Facts about Trier

› Population: Approximately 110,000
› Climate: Mild (Temperature in January: 0Ž-6Ž Temperature in July: 17Ž-18Ž)
› Maximum Rainfall: Approximately 80mm in August
› Major Industry: Tourism (Approximately 3 million tourists visited Trier in 1996.) Also tobacco, tire, and chemical industries.
› Trier City is registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage City.
› It is approximately 30 minutes drive from Trier to the French border. By traveling a little further, one can reach the Belgian border. Luxembourg is also very nearby.

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How Was the Friend City Partnership Established?
The friend city partnership was established on October 12th, 1995.

The Procedure
While connections with Fort Worth, our American sister city, have been conducted actively, research and discussions continued to expand our crosscultural contact with some cities in Europe. Our sister city Fort Worth established a sister city partnership with Trier in July 1987. In the same year, Nagaoka established a sister city partnership with Fort Worth. Then, Fort Worth coordinated the development of friendship ties between Nagaoka and Trier.
As Trier City already has seven sister cities and has been actively conducting a variety of exchange programs, it was not possible for Nagaoka to achieve the Sister City level partnership with Trier. Instead, on October 12 1995, it was decided to establish a friend city partnership. Since then, ties between Nagaoka and Trier have deepened especially in the field of sports exchanges.

In order to further ties of friendship with Trier, the city of Nagaoka established a sister city affiliation with German city on April 1st, 2006. Both cities have already nurtured ties on a friendly basis over past ten years.
the signing ceremony took place on the occasion of the 100 anniversary of Nagaoka's modern municipality. The Trier Delegation led by Load Mayor Helmut Schröer attended the Ceremony.

Exchange Programs with Trier City
Projects to Receive Delegations from Trier City
Citizens from Trier visit Nagaoka and enjoy meeting with the people of Nagaoka through home-stay programs, sightseeing, etc.

Programs to Send Delegations to Trier City
International Yoth Sport Camp
Young people from Trier's sister/friend cities assemble in Trier and interact with each other through a variety of sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, camping, etc.
Trier City Marathon
Runners are sent from Nagaoka to Trier to participate in Trier City Marathon that is annually held in June.
Fort Worth (U.S.A)
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