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Nagaoka International Exchange Association
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International Affair Center (Chikyu Hiroba)
Japanese Language Classes(Nihongo Koza)
The Japanese Language Classes are offered throughout the year, starting in April, and October for those who wish to learn beginning level Japanese necessary for daily living.
Classes: Morning Class 1 & 2, Sunday Class, Hiragana and Katakana Course
Place: Room 204, 2F, Nagaoka Civic Center
2-2-6 Ôtee Street, Nagaoka City

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Nihongo Hiroba
Flexible Japanese lessons will be offered to individuals or groups.
Hours: Sundays 2:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.
Tuesdays and Fridays 10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.
Contents :Reading,Writing,Listening,Speaking on any levels
Place:Nagaoka International Affairs Center
No admission fee
Organizers: Members of a volunteer group for teaching Japanese
Contact:Nagaoka International Affairs Center
Phone:0258-39-2714 Fax:0258-39-2715

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The Japanese Learning Circle, Nagaoka Nihongo Hiroba, will offer a special course where Japanese instructors and volunteers help international residents learn Japanese.
The instructors will introduce various contents while covering the areas of grammar, and kanji characters. The volunteers will assist the instructors through chatting or practicing dialogues with participants. Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills can be improved while practicing Japanese with various topics such as Japanese customs and manner, winter sports, Japanese songs. Everyone is most welcome.
Photo of Nihongo Hiroba
A Leaflet for International Residents Regarding Evacuation in Case of an Earthquake
The city of Nagaoka has compiled a leaflet entitled "Leaflet for Evacuation in Case of an Earthquake."
This leaflet gives pictographic information which advises international residents what to do first when an earthquake occurs, where to seek information, and where you should stay away from. At a glance, the specially designed pictographs can immediately give you ideas on what to do in case of an earthquake.
Unfolding the leaflet reveals some detailed knowledge about earthquakes in Chinese, English, or Portuguese.
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Ola! Nagaoka & Nihao Nagaoka
The Nagaoka City Newsletter in Portuguese and Chinese is put out on the first day of the month. Copies of these Portuguese and Chinese Newsletter are available at the Chikyu Hiroba.
Please share this information with Brazilians and Chinese in your neighborhoods.

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Multi-lingual broadcast on every Wednesday
From 6:30 to 7:00 every evening, the City of Nagaoka offers the the World Cafe-the FM Nagaoka-Chikyu hiroba Multilingual Broadcasts for international residents in Nagaoka. There is a program, named the Voice of Nagaokans, in which international residents can send messages in any languages you like. International residents living in Nagaoka are most welcome. How would you like to sign up for your turn.
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Daily Life Consultation for International Residents
International residents can find support for daily living at the counter or in the consultation room. Assistance is available in Chinese, English, and Portuguese.
English: Anytime during business hours
Chinese: Sunday afternoon
Portuguese: Sunday afternoon

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Nagaoka City International Affairs Center (Chikyu Hiroba)
1F, Nagaoka Civic Center 2-2-6 Ote Street, Nagaoka City, 940-0062
TEL: 0258-39-2714
FAX: 0258-39-2715
E-mail: kouryu-c@city.nagaoka.lg.jp
The City of Nagaoka Offers the following publications:
The English City Newsletter, Konnichiwa Nagaoka
In order to make living in Nagaoka comfortable and enjoyable, the free city newsletter Konnichiwa Nagaoka is published monthly and distributed to international residents who wish to receive it. In addition to articles from the Japanese version of the city newsletter, Konnichiwa Nagaoka is full of useful information about local events, Japanese language classes, etc.
If you and someone you know would like to be on the mailing list for the free city newsletter ,Konnichiwa Nagaoka, please contact: International Affairs Division.
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Welcome to Nagaoka
This brochure introduces Nagaokafs cultural and historical facilities, festivals, traditional events, regional specialties, local industries and craftsmanship, history, as well as plenty of useful information.
Copies of these publications can be picked up at theChikyu Hiroba located on the first floor of the Nagaoka Civic Center on Ote Street.

International Affairs Division
5F, Nagaoka Civic Center, 2-6-6 Ote Street, Nagaoka City
TEL: 39-2207
FAX :39-2280
A Guide to Classification and Disposal of Trash and Recyclable Materials and A Calendar of Collection Days for Household Trash and Recyclable Material
In order to sort and dispose trash and recyclable materials, the city printed on information flyer in English, Chinese, Portuguese.
Copies of "A Calendar of Collection Days for Household Trash and Recyclable Material" are also available in English, Chinese, Portuguese.

Environmental Management Division (Kankyo Gyomu Ka)
Phone: 24-2837
Protect Yourself from Natural Disasters

Around 10:13 a.m. on July 16th, 2007, a powerful earthquake (Magnitude 6.8 on the Richter Scale) occurred off the coast of the Chuetsu Region of Niigata Prefecture. A quake with an intensity level of 6+ on the Japanese Seismic Scale hit Kashiwazaki City, Nagaoka City, and Kariwa Village in Niigata Prefecture as well as Iizuna Town in Nagano Prefecture. Some other neighboring areas were also hit by a quake with an intensity level over 5- on the Japanese Seismic Scale. Aftershocks have still continued to occur. Additional aftershocks are predicted. You are advised to protect yourself by taking due precaution. Here are some useful tips for you to take.

Citizen's Guide to Disaster Prevention in English
Citizen's Guide to Disaster Prevention in Portuguese
Citizen's Guide to Disaster Prevention in Chinese
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