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What is Taiarapu, West Commune like?
How did the sister city partnership get started?
General information about exchange programs
 What is Taiarapu, West Commune like?
Taiarapu, West Commune is located on Tahiti Island, the largest island of French Polynesia which consists of 118 islands situated near the center of the Pacific Ocean.

Taiarapu, West Commune has a mild climate with temperatures ranging from 23 ºC to 29 ºC throughout the year, a deep blue sky, and a crystal clear ocean that draws many tourists every year. The long stretch of white sand beaches attracts many vacationers as well. The huge seasonal waves also welcome many surfers from all over the world.
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Details about Taiarapu, West Commune
Population: Approximately 7,000
Major Industries: Tourism and Shrimp Cultivation
Temperatures: An island of continuous summer with an average temperature of 27 ºC (air) and 26 ºC (water) throughout the year.
Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, the height of summer is between November and March.
The time difference between Taiarapu and Japan is 19 hours.
Taiarapu, West Commune consist of Villages of Vairao, Teahupoo, and Toahotu.

How did the sister city partnership get started?
The sister city partnership between Taiarapu, West Commune and the former Washima Village was signed on August 29, 1991.

Brief History:
An exchange program first started when some Japanese children living in Taiarapu, West Commune visited their friends in the former Washima Village and stayed with their families. These personal visits were later extended to an annual home-stay program for more children. Taiarapu, West Commune proposed that the former Washima Village establish the sister city partnership and it was signed in 1991.

Through the municipal merger conducted on January 1, 2006, Taiarapu, West Commune became one of Nagaoka’s sister cities.

Exchange Programs with Taiarapu, West Commune
Focusing on exchange programs among private individuals, mutual visits between the people of the former Washima Village and Taiarapu, West Commune have been conducted once every two years.

In 2004, a Tahiti dancing team visited the former Washima Village and performed Tahitian dances. Exchange programs are expected to be expanded to all of Nagaoka City as well.
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